Friday, November 13, 2009

True Story

Well, it's our anniversary and my wife is spending it at stupid work. This is the second anniversary in a row that she's refused to hang out with me. I'm beginning to think she's terrible.

Been working on the house lots this week. It's been slow going, but progress is being made. Lots of stuff torn out, an appointment made for the radiators to be modified on Thursday, and then the framing and remodeling can begin. Oh, and at some point in there all the shit in the basement has to be torn out.

Also at some point in there is a visit from my parents, my cousin's wedding in Scranton, PA, a super-secret trip to the Lou and one-night-only Quintessential Pine Tree Brothers reunion show (anybody wanna put me up on their floor for a few nights?), and Thanksgiving.

Today at work I forgot that it was raining a lot outside, and at one point I looked up from the counter and saw somebody dripping wet in front of me. I thought it was disgusting and wondered why there was a dripping wet person in front of me. Then I remembered it was raining outside. True story.

One more performance of Julius Caesar on Tuesday at a school in Virginia, and then I can never think about it again.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I've been listening to Christmas music like a motherfucker! True story!

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