Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Offer #2

Let's work backwards:

- this morning I went for a run and then did our dishes in the bathtub. Tonight: hanging out with the Beej and the A-Train. Dinner somewhere fun. Games, perhaps?

- last night the Jeanners and I made an offer on the place we've been looking at. The offer was pretty low, so we'll see what happens.

- Sunday after work our kitchen sink was clogged up pretty bad, which sucks because we had a lot of dishes to do, so we called our apartment people to let them know about it. They must've called a plumbing company and told them it was an emergency, because they sent a plumber out at about 9pm and he was surly about having to come out at 9pm on a Sunday. Apparently the clog was over 25 feet away from our sink, so his snake wouldn't work and he was unable to fix the problem.

- Saturday Pat and Teresa had a party for the Beej with some CSC folks down at their house. Really good food, beers, fun folks, cute babies. A good time.

- On Friday the Beej and I headed down to P & T's for our sleepover and geek games. Had a good time playing geek games, although it felt strange being out of my entrenched routine, and I missed the Jeanners somethin' terrible. Had a vodka tonic for the first time in a very long time.

It sure has been good gettin' to see BJ. Hope that when he's done with his PhD in a few years he ends up close by.

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