Sunday, August 16, 2009

In-Law Suite

We are now on day 7 with no kitchen sink. I think we've had either 3 or 4 plumbers out. All of them seem to diagnose the problem, propose a solution, and then disappear. Then the next day there's a different plumber and he does the same thing.

My birthday was last Thursday. It was pretty low key. The J-Dog and I both worked, and she got me a copy of Gena's photography book, which is awesome, and it was a perfect gift because I had been planning on buying it anyway. She also got me a copy of Pillars of the Earth, which I have been wanting to read for awhile. In the the spirit of full disclosure, I will reveal that my mom owned that book when I was little and I used to read the dirty parts. There weren't that many, but they were hot stuff. At least to an 8-11 year old.

Jeannie's parents came into town on Friday and stayed with us until Sunday. It was a good time, but it would have been better if:
1. Our kitchen sink worked
2. We lived in a house.
3. The house that we lived in had air conditioning.
Nonetheless, it was good to see them, and we cooked a nice dinner last night and supplemented it with some market-bought crabcakes, and it was all real tasty. And I managed to change a headlight on our car under the watchful eye of Jeannie's dad (who is a tremendous [and I mean TREMENDOUS] car buff) and not make a fool out of myself. Changing a headlight is pretty easy, and I wasn't planning on making a fool of myself, but I can pretty much fuck up anything if somebody else is watching.

I used Jeannie's deodorant this morning because her parents were asleep in our room (where my deodorant is) when I left for work. It was not strong enough for a man.

We started watching season 1 of Mad Men last week. It's good.

The album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, by Phoenix, is my favorite album of the year so far.

I worked a 13 hour day today and it wasn't that bad.

This week: pack up the apartment and start work on Julius Caesar.

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Yuni said...

your blog is great - at some point during every post i giggle - yay. i'm so glad you like the book, too - double yay! happy b-day danners!