Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Hot Date

A good today. Went for a run shortly after I woke up, did some dishes, did some laundry, and then got to meet up with the Beej! He got into town last night, and is staying down at P & T's, and he came up to Baltimore for a hot date this evening. So this afternoon he came over and then we went up to the Rec Room for some delicious cheap burgers and conversation. A good time. Hanging out with the Beej at the Rec Room is sriously one of my favorite things to do. He will be in town for awhile, and tomorrow there is going to be a boys' sleepover down at Pat's where we play lots of geek games and talk about hairy butts.

Last night the Jeanners and I went to a neighborhood meeting for the neighborhood that we are potentially moving to. We heard a lot about crime, which was a little scary (but not too scary), and met some interesting folks. We were attempting to perhaps meet some folks who could assist us in our quest for a zoning variance for our proposed driveway. And maybe we did. It was a pretty interesting night.

What else? Still reading and enjoying The Time Travelers Wife, although it feels like its getting to be too long. That, by the way, is what SHE said.

Feels good to be running regularly again. Must remember to try and stay in the habit instead of being sporadic.

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JK said...

Does "stay in the habit" mean that you are going to try and only date Nuns?