Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hit My Tapestry One More Time

I woke up about an hour ago from a night where I had two interesting dreams:

In the first one, I was hanging out with C. Bosco at some sort of rural retreat house outside of Kansas City. It was fantastic, because I haven't gotten to hang out with CMB in real life for several years now. It is sad that I only get to see good friends in my dreams now, but it's better than nuthin'.

In the second dream, I was producing Britney Spears' next CD, and we were discussing what she wanted the album to sound like, and she said she wanted it to sound like a 70's singer-songwriter album, like Carole King or Joni Mitchell. Even though I kinda hate Joni Mitchell, I was excited by the idea. Even now, awake, I think it would be a good move for Britney.

I hope that Joni Mitchell does not leave an angry comment on my blog now. At least I didn't say I wanted to punch her in the face--right, James Taylor?

While I'm on the subject, one more word about James Taylor: I used to pick up old James Taylor albums (Gorilla, Sweet Baby James, etc) and listen to samples from them, in the hopes that James Taylor is one of those people who sounds pretty flat and dull now, but back in the heroin-takin' days used to get down and dirty and sound all gnarly, a la Rod Stewart or even (although he still turns out a good song here and there) The Boss. But no, old James Taylor albums just sound like James Taylor. I've tried. I want to like the guy, he seems like a nice guy, but no.

It's been raining for several days now. Also, I have been illin' for several days. My poor nose has been blown more than Charlie Sheen.

I watched this Billy Bob video the other day, and while its not really interesting, it is kinda interesting. When I want to be an asshole, I think this is the variety of asshole I tend to be. It is kinda long, though, and there's a little bit of language that's not work appropriate.

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Brian said...

Billy Bob Thornton is a huge dick in that clip.. I watched it a couple of days ago.