Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dinner Time

It's a nice time of day on a Sunday. Dinner time. I'm making the sauce and prepping the vegetables and defrosting some tofu for a kick-ass stir fry. Writing this makes me sound like I'm a good cook or that I'm that one that makes the good meals in our house, but the truth is that the Jeanners usually does all the heavy lifting when we make something for dinner that is more involved than pasta, pizza, or veggie burgers. But she's at the gym. So I'm trying to be helpful and getting shit ready so that she can do the actual stir frying when she gets home. Because large pans full of boiling oil scare me. Probably because I cook shirtless a lot.

So the sauce is done (4 cloves of garlic!), and I'm listening to the "good jazz" playlist on the ol' MP3 player, which I'm convinced is probably one of the greatest playlists in existence on Earth. It really is good. All instrumental stuff from the 50's and early sixties, except for Frank Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours, an album which, hopefully obviously, has vocals.

I lost a bet this evening. I bet Jeannie that Eddie's market would have chili garlic paste, and she bet that it wouldn't. I was so sure that it would. I was so very sure that I told Jeannie that when we got to the market, I was going to buy 2 jars of chili garlic paste, one to use in the recipe and one to smear all over her face. Because she lost the bet. But she didn't lose the bet. I lost the bet. But we ended up finding some chili garlic paste at the cute little halal market where we buy flatbreads. It really is cute. But I hate losing bets.

We got some good work done today, transporting the set pieces that we built at the Habitat Shop over to the theatre, where they will live for the next couple of months while they get prettied up for the show.

Why is the overhead light on in our kitchen? Yuck.

Alright. Time to cut vegetables.

Whoa, I almost forgot to add that the other day I was looking at James Taylor's christmas CD and I decided that I have an inexplicable hatred of James Taylor. I kinda just want to punch him in his face. But he seems like he'd be an OK guy, so I don't know why I have that feeling. I also want to punch Carly Simon, but that's because her last CD was an insult to the human race.


Brian said...

Ben Taylor is in real trouble then

PKP said...

James Taylor sucks. So does Harry Chapin.

James Taylor said...

Hey, fuck you!

JK said...

I used to hate him. Then I found out that he used to do a lot of heroin. Now I just kind of hate him.