Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Goals of Summer

We've had a string of beautiful days. Warm in the sun, cool in the shade, not a cloud in the sky. I've been skipping out of work early whenever possible so that I can try to get outside and enjoy it. I'm hoping to try and get at least an hour of sunshine a day this summer.

Last night Jeannie and I went down to Annapolis to see Aimee's show, She Loves Me. It was a cute show, a good date, and we enjoyed walking around downtown Annapolis a little bit before the show. We stopped and got a little bit of ice cream before the show, and thankfully it did not give me the shits, as ice cream sometimes does. But anyway, it's always good to see the A-Train, and hopefully we'll hang out a bunch this summer (maybe a trip to the beach together!).

Tonight the Jeanners and I are picking through our financial shit. Good times.

My dad sent me in the mail a poem that he wrote. It's funny, but probably only if you know my dad. He's able to pull off "gruffly conservative" in a cute way.

Anyway, that's all I got. It's almost bikini season, so I'm currently starving myself a little bit. It's not too bad, though. How bad can life be when there's a big bowl of fresh (ish) strawberries in your kitchen? I hope to try and get down to the 160's by the end of the summer.

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