Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's all hapnin at libary.

Tonight the J-Dog and I are going to walk down to the City Library, a place that I enjoy. One time I was there and there was a notebook next to a computer, and I picked up the notebook and started looking through it, and a woman came over and grabbed the notebook and said mean things under her breath about me being nosy.

I was thinking of driving to the beach tomorrow on my day off, but the weather.com prediction is for rain. Poopy dick.

I am on a serious Willie Nelson bender.

Last night I went to the space that CSC is using for rehearsals these days, and I was meeting with some of the folks that are going to be in this summer's production of Twelfth Night, because the production is going to re-use the songs that I worked on when we first did Twelfth Night back in '02. And on the way home I decided to call BJ, and he actually answered his phone. There are several minor miracles in play here: the first is that I actually called someone, because I hate talking on the fucking phone. Let's boldface that: I hate talking on the fucking phone. And the second is that BJ answered his phone. Because the Beej screens his calls like a screenin' mofo. So he musta been pretty bored. But it was good to chat and catch up and hear how things are going, and good to hear that he's gonna try and make a visit out here sometime during the summer.

This week at work:

A) I was seriously trying to figure out ways that I could get liquored up to liven things up a little bit. It's been so damned boring there. Today I had 2 customers in 3 hours.

B) while casually glancing at the cover for the movie Marley and Me, I realized that dogs can be cute sometimes.

C) have been trying to figure out what celebrities would portray people in my life when they decide to make the movie of my life. Some roles are very easy to cast, others more difficult. On a side note, I don't think that a movie of my life would do very well.