Monday, February 23, 2009

Waltz For Debby

I've been listening to a lot of Bill Evans lately. He's a jazz pianist from back in the day, and I think I'll just go ahead and call him a genius. Listening to him makes me want to never touch another musical instrument again. He has an amazing head and amazing hands. Hmmmm.

I was thinking the other day about the fact that the two classes that I took in college that I use the most in my daily life are Stagecraft and Jazz History. I'm sure I never would've guessed that at the time...

LOST is very good this season. I think it's the payoff season for all those fans who have stuck around this long. I'm enjoying looking forward to it each week.

I took a break from running for a good chunk of the winter, and now that it's getting springier outside I want to start up again, but dammit if it wasn't too cold this afternoon when I got home from work. So then my plan was to put on my long underwear and run at night when nobody would see me, but that didn't really happen. Tomorrow, I suppose.

I have heard the new U2 album in its entirety, and I'm not too impressed. Oh well.

Still no baby for T and PKP! I feel for T.

Only a few more weeks till me and the J-Dog head to Oregon!