Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is This Real Life?

It's hard not to blog about interest rates right now, because they're taking up a lot of my head space. But I'll spare you the details and just say that we're in the midst of negotiations. Wheelings and dealings and whatnot. But not for any particular place, just looking for a good deal on a loan.


Not a ton has been happening. I finished reading John Adams, which I enjoyed very much. I have started reading Don Quixote, mainly because it's the only old, good-looking book sitting on the shelf that I haven't read.

The Jeanners and I had an argument yesterday and then we talked it out. We're getting pretty good at that, I must say. The talking out part, that is. It's nice.

We spent the day walking and driving around the Hamilton neighborhood, looking at houses. It was a good time, although I spent a decent amount of time looking for a good bush or alley to take a leak in. Never found one, but we did eventually hit the library so I could relieve myself. I found the reference section to be nice and secluded. HA! Just kidding. I used the somewhat scary restroom, which had a toilet that really just bubbled a lot when you flushed it. It's true. Ask the Jeanners.

Jeannie has wanted pancakes all day. Or french toast. She also has added chicken fingers to the list of things she wants.

That's all! Seacrest out!

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