Sunday, February 15, 2009

I, Clavdivs

Really having trouble focusing on writing lately. I guess this is one of those times where having a blog isn't very fun or interesting, and you gots to just keep on keepin' on. I suppose that I just got out of the groove, and must go through the motions until the groove returns.

Quite a few interesting things have happened over the last week or so, so let's see what we can remember:

1. The J-Dog had her birthday last Thursday. We both had the day off work, and it was a lovely day, weather-wise, so after going to HCCA to re-mount the set for The Country Wife, The Jeanners and I had a tasty Qdoba (is that how it's spelled? Why don't I know how that's spelled?) lunch and headed down to DC to see some museums and frolic about the town. The National Gallery of Art (and Farts) had an exhibit of a photographer that I've been a fan of for awhile, Robert Frank, and we got to see that, which was nice. We also went to the Hirschorn Museum and saw some Modern Farts and Sculpture, which was less interesting but we had fun frolicking. Then we drove home and went to dinner with Katie (who has once again left town to go work on her farm in Massachusetts) at an Ethiopian Restaurant of Jeannie's choice called the Dukem Restaurant (or something like that). I was not really a fan of the Ethiopian food, because the bread stuff was kinda like a cross between pancakes and human skin. I am not a fan of eating either. The Ethiopian beer was OK, though.

2. Nice customer, Mr. Kim, gave me a bottle of very nice cognac. I'm not sure how to drink it, not sure if I'll like it, and a little intimidated by it. But, like Miss Scarlet in the movie Clue, I enjoy getting presents from strange men.

3. The Jeanners and I went to dinner and to see The Country Wife with PKP on opening night, and then we all went to the opening night party afterward. The show was better than expected (and got a good review in the Baltimore Sun!) and it sure was good hanging with the PKP, although he did cut stinky fahts during the show, and his hair is long like a girl's. And he's gonna be a daddy in like, jeez, any day now. So that's pretty exciting stuff.

4. I spent a good portion of my most recent day off playing Civilization III. It was pretty great.

5. Everything I'm reading about the upcoming U2 album is very exciting. Everything I've heard from it is not. Although I think the mark of a great album is that it's better than the sum of its parts. Perhaps this album will be like that.

6. As the Facebookers already know, I sent a letter to Willie Nelson's manager, because I've always heard Willie Nelson's voice singing some songs that I wrote quite a few years ago. The truth is that I actually heard Johnny Cash singing one of them and Willie singing the other one, and then Johnny Cash died. So now I'll never hear Johnny Cash sing that one. But I figured I could actually do something about the other one, so I figured I would write to Willie Nelson someday. Well, for some reason, it kept me awake the other night thinking about it, so I got off my ass and wrote a quick, awkward letter that included links to the songs and put it in the mail to his manager's address, which I found on Le Interwebbe. Not expecting anything to come of it, but it felt good to do.

7. Jeannie and I started watching I, Claudius (or as we like to call it, I Clavdivs). She fell asleep. I thought it was a little bit corny, and, well, I think I've become spoiled by the lavish production values of shows like Rome and Deadwood. And I Clavdivs doesn't really stack up. Plus, Brian Blessed looks like Richard Kind.

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