Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flip Flopper

Alright, first off, I have listened to the U2 album a bunch more times and as much as I am surprised to say it, I'm sold. I'm surprised because when I first heard it I thought it was absolute crap (as Jeannie will attest), and I'm also surprised because I'm even coming around and liking 'Get on Your Boots,' which I went on the public record against. But damn you, Brian Eno, you're a wily bastard, and it turns out that this record is quite the grower. Damn you, Brian Eno. It's not perfect, there are some lyrical and musical clunker moments, but on the whole it's good. I will enjoy spending time with this record, and I'm interested in hearing these songs live, which has not been true of the last few albums. Hmmm. I'd say it took me about 10-15 complete listenings before I started liking this one.

Second, the J-Dog and I looked at houses today for the first time. Well, it's the first time that we actually went with a realtor and got to go inside places. Fun, scary, a little overwhelming, a little underwhelming. We went to 7 houses, and 5.5 of them were pretty much complete crap. Like, falling apart crap. One has some potential but is kind of half falling apart and would need a lot of work, and one appears to be in good shape but would need some work to get it the way we would want it. But, nonetheless, it was exciting, and I feel like I could easily spend the next 2 months sitting in front of a computer screen, eagerly awaiting new places to come on the market.

Tomorrow I am off work again, and we will be striking the set for The Country Wife. The show appears to have been a success, and was enjoyable, and last week as we were remounting the set for the weekend's performances, I was remembering how stressed I was while building it and how silly it all seemed now. But yes, I was stressed at the time. Anyway, now it'll all be over, and we'll have the summer free for home-buying adventures.

Wonder how PKP and T are doing with new baby Finn? I hope that all is well and that people are getting at least a little bit of sleep and rest.


Chris B said...

Henry and I are enjoying the Bill Evans during our Sunday breakfast. Many thanks. (Didn't Evans work with Miles Davis quite a bit?)

DanO, take a seat. Did you hear that the great Mr. Paul Harvey has joined his maker? (The great Mr. Paul Harvey would appreciate such a way of saying 'died,' wouldn't he?) Immediately I reflected on the long rides in the Celebrity and the Dodge.

Good day, indeed, Mr. Harvey.

PKP said...

PKP, Teresa and Finn are doing great! Last night was the best night yet. He actually slept between feedings rather than scream, which is a luxury we'll not take for granted.

Brian said...

I was expecting a review of Bono's new guyliner look.