Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shotgun Willie

A few weeks ago I heard a Willie Nelson song called "Shotgun Willie" on an episode of LOST (I'll just go ahead and link to it over there in the music player). Ever since, it's been kinda stuck in my head, haunting me. I'm a sucker for country songs with stabby horns and chill 70's beats. And anyway, this song, and the fact that some of LOST is now set in the 70's, and my big shaggy beard have started me thinking about the 70's. I think I would've liked them had I been around in them longer. They seem kinda sad and dreary and dominated by different tones of brown, all of which I enjoy. In my head I picture the seventies as being constantly October and constantly raining.

I decided today to shave the beard. I think that during the shaving process I'm going to pause to mimic the different facial hair styles of several historical U.S. presidents (most notably a Chester A. Arthur) but I'll probably settle on a good ol' Al Swearingen for a few days before going back to my usual sexy stubble. Wouldn't mind trying out a Rollie Fingers, either.

Not too much else. I went to the gym today for the first time in a long time. For most of the winter I've just been running around the neighborhood and not making official gym visits, but I think I'll start up again, as it felt pretty good. I tend to be able to run longer at the gym because it's not so goddamned cold (or hot, depending on whatever temperaturely-annoying season it happens to be). Also worked on some music last night and came up with absolutely zilch. I'm feeling pretty creatively dead recently. Empty. Blank.

Looking at more houses this weekend. Let's hope they're not, overall, as shitty as the last bunch.

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