Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dancing in the Dark

The Jeanners and I went out and celebrated our anniversary last night. We started out by going to a Mexican restaurant called El Salto II, which I thought was promising for its El Jimador/Chuy Arzola vibe but the food was kinda bland. Oh well. Then we headed out to the American Legion Hall in Towson for the Friday Night Dance.

A little preface: a while ago, Aimee and I had been talking about how it would be fun to go dancing, but not at a Baltimore meat-market style club, what we were looking for was something more like a wedding reception but without the wedding.

And the Friday Night Dance in Towson was pretty much like a wedding reception, except it was like a wedding reception where everybody was at least a good dancer. I'd say that Jeannie and I were in the bottom 1 percent of the dancers there. But it was a good mixture of ages, from probably 16 to 80, and a nice mix of casual and dressy outfits. And the band was kinda boring but decent enough to dance to. We had a good time, and I'm guessing we'll probably go back again sometime in the future. You up for it, A-Train?

Not much else to report. The weather has turned to usual November weather, and it's been rainy. I got caught in a little one-minute hurricane today walking from my car to work.

Jeannie is making fun of my typing. She is cruising for divort.

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A-Train said...

Sure, I'm up for some American Legion dancing! Although, now I'm slightly afraid to be judged... does my dancing have to be American Legion caliber to participate?