Thursday, November 13, 2008

Four more years! Four more years!

Today is the fourth wedding anniversary of D-Bone and J-Dog. Please take a moment to stop whatever you're doing and join in the worldwide celebratory dance-a-thon. I sure hope Jeannie takes a minute out of her Physics class tonight to join in the celebratory dance-a-thon. (That squeaky sound you hear is the sound of a lone tear slowly making its way down my cheek.)

There's a big goddamn fly buzzing around our living room! Goddamn it, fly!

So much to write about I don't know where to begin...

Jeez, that big fly is annoying!

Last night Aimee came over for a long-planned and oft-postponed fondue party. Actually, it might have only been postponed once, but we haven't seen Aimee since last February, so this party was a long time comin'. I think it turned out pretty awesome. Hot melty cheese, tofu sausage, roasted cauliflower, apple cubes, delicious bread, muthaf*****' ham cubes, a bright and savory salad, and decadent cheese cake (4 varieties!) for dessert. Plus, we did some great internet research, most of which centered on the Sheen/Estevez dynasties. If you're ever planning a Sheen/Estevez trivia night, and you need to learn some fun-facts about either Ramon Gerardo Antonio "Martin Sheen" Estevez or Carlos Eugene "Charlie Sheen" Estevez, I recommend trucking on over to their respective Wikipedia pages. You will learn things. I especially was fascinated by the info on Martin Sheen's arms and their (the arms') relation to the way he puts on a jacket.

I also learned that Martin Sheen is not the father of all of the 'Young Guns.' Not even Lou Diamond Phillips (who we also researched a little bit.).

We also learned that there really is (sadly) a website called

So anyway, it was fun. And at the tail end of the fondue party, PKP came over, because he was spending the night at our place because he and I had to be up in Towson early this morning for a performance of Macbeth, and he didn't feel like driving all the way back down to DC last night after his rehearsal. So he came over and parked on the wrong block, and then once he got to our apartment, he sat in this really squeaky chair and squeaked the whole time. Until he moved to a different chair. And then Aimee went home, and we blew up the ol' air mattress for Pat, and then we all went sleepy sleepy.

Then I got up early this morning because I had to be at the theatre at 7am, and I told Pat that I'd see him there and I went out the door (Pat didn't have to be there until 8am). And then I had been working at the theatre for a little while when the stage manager got a call from Pat, who told her that his car had been towed (from the block near but not quite in front of our house. Our neighborhood has fairly complex and bullshitty parking rules.). So that was super sucky and I feel really terrible, because it costs way too much money to get your car from the impound lot in Baltimore. Pat did tell me, though, that he yelled at the guy who was hooking his car to the tow truck (Pat arrived at the car just as it was being towed), and used lots of bad words and yelled at him (the tow guy) in a manner in which he had not yelled at anyone in a very long time. That people on the street turned and stared. This image makes me feel a little better. But I still feel bad.

So anyway, I think that brings us pretty close to up-to-date. I saw gas today for $1.97, the Macbeth performances went off without a hitch (I was just there for technical guidance and to act as a sort of assistant stage manager), I spent the afternoon doing dishes and eating leftover ham cubes, and then I bought a postcard with The Jesus on it to give to my wife. And that big goddamn fly is still buzzing around.

Tomorrow night the Jeanners and I will actually get to celebrate with dinner and questionable American Legion Hall dancing.


Brian said...

congrats dan!

by "The Jesus", I hope you mean from Lebowski.

Jeff said...

Hey, sometimes people really need to get rid of dead hookers...