Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Exception That Proves the Rule

The other day at work, a coworker and I were talking about blogs and blogging, and I said that 'the days when nothing happens are when the posts get really interesting.' Hmmmm. Today I'm doubting the veracity of that statement. Not much happened today so let's see if we can make this an interesting post.

Had a whack dream last night involving the Bosco family, Alaska, Sean and Nicole and two guys I didn't recognize, a broken bicycle chain, a funeral, the J-Dog, and staying with my parents in a hotel.

I'm sitting on the couch, and the sun is going down behind the church dome across the street. No birds in sight. A crisp sunset, no clouds, the colors changing in definite lines rather than an explosive bleed.

I used the master key to our building (which I [mistakenly and unbeknownst to others] possess) to explore the now-vacant apartment on the first floor of our building. It's pretty huge, and although the basement is very large and has a washer and dryer, it was also kinda musty and mildewy smelling.

Someone (I think next door) is listening to Tori Amos very loudly. Shame on them. Doubly.

Today at work I was in a good mood, and I'm feeling pretty good about the way things are set up for Christmas. My unsucessful lobbying for people of a few weeks ago has bloomed into success, so I'm hoping that, although X-mas will be busy, it won't be crazy. Or too painful.

Every day I'm looking more and more like Shel. Head balder, beard bushier.

I'm about 7/8's of the way through Infinite Jest. A line that stood out: "It's weird to feel like you miss someone you're not even sure you know." Very true, DFW.

In case you were wondering, I just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for that quote. I remembered reading it, and it struck a chord, but then when I went to look for it I couldn't remember if I read it recently or a week or two ago or what. I won't say how long it took me to find it, but it was far too long. It's on page 589, if you're interested. I basically reread the first 589 pages in order to find that damned quote.

Alright I'm done.

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Anonymous said...

If you're going to post a link to Shel and say you look like him, then you should also post a photo of yourself, looking like Shel to prove it. Just a suggestion...