Thursday, May 22, 2008

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I'm having a pretty damned good day. I'm just coming off of a long stretch of work, and today's been my first day off in awhile, and I've been enjoying my sunshine and solitude. Started off the day with a good trip to the gym, then took a decent walk to the Radioshack and Giant G at the Rotunda to purchase a new cordless phone battery, a set of precision screw drivers (for small electronics, so I can figure out what in the hell is wrong with the touch pad on my MP3 player and stop being forced to listen to it in random all the time), some salt n' vinegar potato chips, bananas, chicken patties, and bread. On the walk and back, I took a detour along this trail that is near our house that sorta runs through some kinda woods, and it was just a damned nice walk in the semi-sun, with headphones, and I felt like a 10 year old kid. But happier, because I was a miserable little sad bitch of a 10 year old.

When I got home, I did some dishes, and then decided to surprise the J-Dog by making some quinoa salad for us to enjoy together for dinner. So I walked down to Eddie's and bought a red pepper, lime juice (cause I didn't feel like squeezing 6 limes to death [and, I gotsta save the real limes for the G&T's, yo]), cilantro, and green onions. And I came home and made some quinoa salad that, when I tried it, tastes a little too...spicy,'s too something, but I can't quite tell what. But anyway, hopefully we'll have enough left to bring some to Ohio with us when we leave for Ohio tomorrow.

That's another reason why it's been such a good day. All day I've been looking ahead to our trip tomorrow evening; picking up the J-Dog from work tomorrow at 4 (with 2 vegetarian fajita burritos from Chipotle in the back, and a bag of salt n' vinegar chips, and bananas, and nuts 'n raisins), hopefully missing the traffic, getting out of Baltimore, cranking up the tunes and hittin' the road. Aah, it is the best. Can't wait to see the cool kids. Speaking of the cool kids, check out this little enticing snippet from the play that Schlueter wrote and directed:

I think that from this clip it's pretty obvious that the play is a thinly-veiled reference to the brief but passionate affair that Schlueter and I had back in Kirksville. (does the bald guy in the video look like anybody you know?)

And, I don't want you to think I'm gay (what with all the quinoa salad and such) so here's something manly that I found amusing from my friend Jeff's blog:


Schluetermetz said...

Correction: the clip from my play is the one on bottom. I don't know what kind of gay shit that top video is.

BRIAN said...

this is the most sexuality neutral blog post I think you're ever posted.