Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We're back from another great Ohio trip. I always feel a little post-trip depression when I get home, and this time is no exception, but I also feel renewed. Ready to put more into creative projects, ready to remember that there's still another life out there that has nothing to do with being a manager at the B&N.

Here's what I want to remember from the trip:

1. got a speeding ticket on the way there. Yuck. I knew there would be extra police out for the holiday weekend, but still let my speed creep up too much.

2. Meeting young Jack, who is a big ol' slobber factory. And cute and curious and a frequent napper.

3. Baseball games in the backyard after dinner.

4. Really stinky farts during Phase 10. Losing to Schlueter by points.

5. Sitting at night, after the kids are in bed, talking. Old stories and new stories, laughing, silence. It's the best.

6. I started coming down with some sort of weird cold last night/this morning. Still feeling a little crappy but nothing too terrible. I am glad, though, that I'm off work tommorrow.

If you live in Chicago, go see North!

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