Friday, May 30, 2008

Pipe down, Tito Puente!

Still feeling crappy. REALLY don't want to go to work tonight, but there's nobody else who can cover...

Just finished watching the LOST season was both satisfying and unsatisfying. It answered some questions but in a rather matter-of-fact sort of way. All in all, I give the season a "B". Maybe a "B+".

Yesterday when I got home from work, the doofus who lives next door and plays drums was playing his drums. For like 2 hours. So I got kinda sick of it and went over to tell him to shut up and Jeannie was getting home at the same time, so we went over together and she very diplomatically told him to shut the f*** up. I think when we went over and knocked on the door he thought we were the cops, so he never even opened the door and just talked to us from behind it. He did, though, seem genuinely clueless that his drumming might be annoying to the entire block, so at least he was just dumb and not malicious.

That's about it for now.

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