Friday, December 07, 2007

Damn the Bigwigs

So yesterday and today were supposed to be my days off this week, but because the bigwigs were coming I went in and worked almost an entire shift yesterday, and then went in this morning as well. Needless to say, the bigwigs never showed up. Damn the bigwigs! Plus, I woke up last night at 2am, thinking about work, actually wishing that the store was open so I could go in and straighten things up. What's wrong with me?! I had to go into the shitter and read about Led Zeppelin until I got sleepy again.

I think that the main problem lies in the fact that I rarely, if ever, get any sort of real evaluation at work. So when people are coming who could very well evaluate my work (and not necessarily in a positive way) I freak out a little bit.

So I went in this morning (using the excuse that I needed to do a little Christmas shopping) and was told that there was good intelligence that the bigwigs would not be out visiting stores today. So I did my shopping and came home. I am celebrating my few hours off by cooking a big bacon n' schmeggs breakfast. So the question on the table is: do I want scrambled eggs in a tortilla? Or a bacon. egg, and cheese sandwich? Or just bacon and eggs with toast and juice?

The other night when I went to bed, I felt bad about making a crack about BJ's podcast. The truth is, I always am hungry for new episodes from them, and, (and perhaps more importantly), when I'm done listening to one of their shows I'm always interested in seeing/listening to/reading whatever it was they were talking about (with the exception of the Christian Rock). In fact, while I was at the Noble today I re-bought 1984 and Brave New World (somehow I've lost my copies of those books). I remember when I first read Brave New World,


when I fist read Brave New World, it was either my senior year of college or the year after college, and I remember finishing the book alone in my apartment, and feeling so exhilarated that I was literally running through the streets to the bars, feeling very excited and full of life. And I went to Woody's (the bar that they built behind the Wooden Nickel)(actual full name Woody's in the Rear) and ended up I think playing some guitar and singing with a Kirksville guy named Buddy. Anyway, I have forgotten exactly what the story in Brave New World is, so I'm hoping that when I finish reading it again I get the same feeling of exhilaration.

Ok, I'm gonna go walk to Eddie's and buy some eggs. I've decided on bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches.

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the beej said...

dude, if you heard the way i talk about my own damn podcast, you wouldn't even think you had made a crack about it. you'd be like, "oh, remember that time i gentled nuzzled bj's podcast? that was awesome".