Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holidays, Skates and Sleighs, It's Christmas Time at O'Briens....

The title of this post is taken from a re-write of the song "Silver Bells," that my family wrote and performed in (I think) 1983 for my extended family Christmas party. All of the families had to take a Christmas song and rewrite the lyrics to fit their family. That's just a little bit about my background....

It's officially holiday time at the B&N, and I have been subsequently busy. Going in on my days off, working longer days, that sort of thing. But so far, nothing absolutely shitty has happened, and no major scheduling snafus, so I'm content. And, I'm looking forward to enjoying a bona fide day off on Thursday, with nothing to do except cook up a big bacon n' eggs breakfast to celebrate.

Last night I went to a Doll's House rehearsal, because I was feeling a little uncertain about the set and about how the set was working with the rehearsals. I'm really glad I went. It turns out that none of us were really on the same page about how the set was really supposed to work, so as a result the set is kind of evolving around what's happening in rehearsals. I like a process where that can happen. I think it serves the production a lot better to have enough time to let things evolve and change based on what the actors are doing. Plus, going to the rehearsal last night gave me a chance to watch Pat and Schlegel do some really nice work. The cast has only had 8 rehearsals, and I think they're already in such a good place that I can't wait to see the finished product.

Jeannie is going to Tennessee tomorrow on a business trip. She's only going for the day, though. Nevertheless, I will kind of miss her.

I finished reading Brave New World. I have no idea why I found that book to be compelling and exhilarating when I first read it. I now found it to be, well, kinda dumb. And I'm wondering if it was actually a different book that I read back then that made me happy. If it was, I can't remember what it was. Anyway, I've moved on to 1984, and that one is living up to my fond memories of first reading it.

Tomorrow: split shift with laundry in the middle. Chinese food?

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ChrisB said...

Brave New World: After you read the first few chapters with Huxley's remarkable science predictions, the rest becomes a soap opera or made-for-tv, primetime special, starring B-movie players. You pick.

1984, now that has some punch, or shall I say 'boot'. Why, now I feel a bit smug, but in a dorky, Dr. Evil sense. This is what I do.