Thursday, December 06, 2007

No Sleep till B'more

Probably because I spent a good portion of the afternoon sleeping, I now find myself wide awake and not ready to hit the hay, although the Jeanners has been in bed for awhile, and since I'm working tomorrow I probably should go to bed. But instead I'm up and enjoying a G&T and some chips and salsa. Which, by the way, if you haven't tried Trader Joe's Double-Roasted Salsa, you should cause it's good. Although it would be better with corn in it. But then again, what wouldn't?

I was listening to The Killers on the way home from work and decided that they are the Styx of our generation. Not bad, but a little overblown and kind of embarrassing. Though they probably sound more like Queen. And I really probably haven't listened to enough Killers or enough Styx to make the comparison, but there it is.

Not too much on the brain this evening. Life just seems to be rolling along. The J-Dog seems to be liking her job a bit more than she was a month or so ago. The weather's getting colder and our heat seems to be working at least some of the time, which is a nice improvement over last year. Although it could just be that we're spending less time in the living room, which has the radiator with the most problems. Yesterday I ran low on laundry and had to wear underwear to work that were way too tiny. I felt very European. J-Dog and I did laundry last night, though, so today I'm feeling much better.

When I was a kid, we had a copy of the Styx album Cornerstone on vinyl. I can still picture the cover: a man's bare feet, standing on some sort of moonlike terrain, shining a flashlight on an album that's kinda been placed in this crater, and on the cover of the album it says "Cornerstone." I think. I could be making that last part up. Let's go find it on the web.

Well, unfortunately that's the largest version of the cover art that I could find, so I guess we'll never know exactly what's on the cover of that album that's in the crater.

Well, I'm starting to get a little sleepy but I've still got quite a bit of G&T left (all this typing is getting in the way of my sipping!), so let's keep going...

I'm looking forward to going to see John K.'s (from work) band, which will be playing at the 8X10 on December 18th. It will be only the 3rd or 4th instance of live music that I will have seen since moving to Baltimore over 5 years ago. I'm not usually a fan of seeing live shows because
A) In the words of Huey Lewis in Back to the Future, they're "just too darn loud."
2) They're generally kind of boring and uninteresting and generic.

I do, however, remember going to Frederick's Music Lounge quite a bit when I used to live in St. Louis. I liked Fred's a lot, mostly because I used to get the feeling that I was in some sort of weird guy's basement when I went there. And while there was some general hipster-ness going on while I was there, it was definitely dominated by a spirit of wild inclusiveness and embarrassing innocence rather than coolness or posturing. I don't know. I'll probably spend the rest of my life looking for another hangout like Fred's. It's too bad that it's gone.

But anyway, in the spirit of trying to be more social, I'm looking forward to seeing John's show. I'm not expecting to like the music much, though. We'll see.

Ooo, also on the way home from work this evening, I think I might have summed up in my head a common thread in most of the art I like: the process is the product. I think that a good percentage of the modern or recent art that I've liked has some inherent reference to it's own creation. Probably more in literature than in other stuff, but still, I think it's definitely there in other stuff, too. It's not any sort of huge revelation, but I think being able to sum up things that I like may be useful in the future...

Ok, the last half of this post is starting to sound way too much like one of BJ's podcasts ("wild inclusiveness", "embarrassing innocence", "inherent reference to it's own creation")(ha ha ha)(and I love you, BJ), so I'd better go to bed now...

p.s. Elizabeth called me at work this evening and said "David Bowie is here," and it took me a few seconds before I realized that she was talking about the David Bowie CD that I had sent her...

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