Thursday, November 22, 2007


Oh, how I wish I was in O-hio...

But we ain't, so we shall make the best of this Thanksgiving 2007 here in cloudy-but-bright Baltimore.

I didn't sleep well last night. I had had some caffeine last night at work with my dinner, so maybe that was keeping me up. I was also thinking about work stuff, which is strange and wrong because today is one of two days out of the year when I absolutely don't have to think about the B&N.

Anyway, yesterday was a long, busy day at work, which is good because we made some good money, but it was long. (Confidential to anyone who works with me in the Music Department: don't use food poisoning as an excuse when calling out sick. Even if you are puking and shitting right in front of me, my brain still won't let me believe it...)

Sitting here at the kitchen table in me undies, listening to some old Strokes CD's. Ever since Eric was visiting, and they were playing a Strokes album at the Golden West Cafe when we went there for dinner, I've been jonesing for the Strokes. They've got a nice, early 80's post-punk sound, I think. The Jeanners is getting some stuff ready for our Thanksgiving dinner, putting the bird in the oven, mixing stuff together, making something called brine. I'm not exactly sure what brine is, but I asked Jeannie if I could stick my dong in it and she said "no", so I guess it's something we eat or drink.

1. The Jeanners, and all the fun we have together.
2. The safe and healthy births of Jack Steinmetz, Henry Bosco, Adam Grass, and Elizabeth O'Brien. And the host of other babies that were born to people we know. Seriously, people, stop pressuring us by having all these goddamn adorable little shits.
3. A good, fun crew at work. (Wish E-beth was still around, though.)
4. That my parents were able to come out for a visit.

And then all the usual stuff; good health, family, friends, blah blah blah, peace on earth and good will towards man, blah blah blah. God bless us, everyone.

I stink. I'm gonna put away our silverware and then take a damn shower.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Tomorrow, the bullshit begins.


korn said...

so im on the fence between saddness and pissed-off-ness... i cant believe u dont believe i was sick...

Brian said...

don't let the wife shoot you down.

you can put your dong in anything you set your mind to.

even if it's to be eaten or drank.

Mustard said...

brian, unless you're the consumer of the dong-ed food/drink, i'm afraid your opinion doesn't count. -the wife