Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Emergency Plan

Well, I have given Korn a one-time exemption from the "no using food poisoning as an excuse" rule, because she came back to work and told me a funny story about 2 people sharing an apartment with one bathroom and getting food poisoning at the same time. I should point out that Korn did not think the story was funny. It's a situation that I have often thought about (because Jeannie and I share an apartment with one bathroom and both have active defecatory lives) but have never really come up with an emergency plan for. It's a plan that would probably involve (unfortunately) the kitchen sink or the roof outside our kitchen window. But anyway, enough of this pleasant dinner conversation...

It seems that my days in high school have come back to visit me in full effect. It started when I began listening to Too Much Joy again, then last night I got a message on Facebook from T. Benitez (who I haven't seen or heard from in about 11 or 12 years), and then today at the gym my MP3 player "randomly" played about 4 They Might Be Giants songs. I blame J. Knese. For the TMBG, anyway.

T. Benitez, by the way, is a girl who I met in high school, who I think it's safe to say would classify herself as a fellow "weirdo." We hit it off pretty instantly. She was one of the folks that The Jeanners and I used to run around with and used to have good clean fun with.

Thanksgiving this year was good. It looked like this:

Katie came over to our place, and we spent a good part of the day cooking (or rather, Jeannie and Katie spent a good part of the day cooking while I peeled apples and potatoes) and then went over to Katie's in the evening to eat it all up. A few people that we didn't know came over to Katie's, too, and Angel came over, and we ended up playing some Apples to Apples. And some people (I won't name any names but it wasn't me) got a little tipsy and giggly. It was a fun time. Oh, and Katie (who has left town to embark on her Great North American Travel and Train Adventure), has left her cello with me for safe keeping until her triumphant return. So yesterday when I got home from work (but before Jeannie got home) I played a little cello. It sounds pretty awful. But maybe I can do some interesting things with it or actually maybe learn to play it. Although I don't really feel like learning how to play it right. Laziness and apathy strike again.

Today is my day off and I have spent it by:
1. fixing our stove.
2. sending messages and pictures to T. Benitez. Who seems to be home during the day. Or at least in a position to send messages via Facebook during the day.
3. Going to the gym, to the B&N to see how much money we made yesterday (less than I had hoped, but still more than last year), and to Trader Joe's to pick up some olive oil for the J-Dog.
4. Laundry, laundry, laundry. After putting our laundry in the washer, I stopped in at the chinese restaurant next door (as has become my laundry day ritual), and on the TV there I saw an American Express commercial that was using a Spinal Tap song ("Gimme Some Money") without any irony or tongue-in-cheekness. I find this...not really sad or unsettling, but just weird.

Tonight, J-Dog and I have plans to hit the city library!

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