Monday, November 19, 2007

Post Punk

I've been reading a big U2 coffee table book that was cheap at the B&N, and been reading a bunch about them getting started back in '80 and '81, and it has put me in an early 80's mindset. I'm always inspired whenever I read stuff about U2, it always makes me want to do some recording, probably because I pretty much learned how to play guitar by watching any footage I could find of The Edge. So basically, right now I feel like quitting my job, spending all of our savings on a big mixing board and some good equipment, and renting someplace where I could set up a drumset and record my early 80's post-punk masterpiece. What all of this dreaming has actually boiled down to, however, is that I've been wearing my combat boots more. That's about it. I have done a bit of recording over the last few days, but mostly it's just been farting around. Been playing around with some interesting keyboard-drum stuff, though.

Jeannie and I had a good day yesterday of just lounging around. We used to do that all the time, when we were in college and she would come for a visit, we would spend days where we never left the dorms, not even to get food. For some reason we both felt uncomfortable eating with each other, so we would just spend days in the dorm room, getting more and more hungry. So we kinda did that yesterday, except that we ate.

We've been missing the Scluetermetz' bunches. Probably because of the time of year. We're probably gonna hang out with Katie and some other folks for Thanksgiving, which should be cool. But probably not as cool as heading to Ohio.

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