Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Spiff Chambers Show

Are you like me? When you heard about Seanyboy opening up for Colin Hay did you wish you could see it? Well now you can!

H E R E !

It seems that they filmed his part of the show for a local cable network in Girdwood, Alaska. He sent me the link for it today, and I thought it was pretty cool. And not just because he plays some songs I worked on. One note: I do not really identify myself as a "Christian," (as Sean says in the video), but I hereby give Sean poetic license to introduce the song however the fuck he wants. Anyway, some great finger pickin' in there.

I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Korn for getting mad at her yesterday at work. It was stupid and I apologize. I hope you (Korn) will forgive me and that we can continue to be friends.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the "christian" comment. That indeed was a low blow....sean...

korn said...

aww d.po i know this is a little late because i have not gotten on the computer for a while... but apology accepted... i can't lose my d.po as a friend!! there would be no point in going to work anymore!! see ya later today!