Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Month in Pictures

In honor of me getting a roll of film developed, here's some pictures from the last month:

Jeannie and her brother, Big Jake. The man knows how to fill out a wifebeater, no?

The Beej and The Destiny, all lovey-dovey.

Pat and the Beej, enjoying their final few minutes as single gay men.

Pat and Teresa, laughing at what I can only assume are the wacky antics of BJ and MAW.

Jeannie and MAW express their love.

Jeannie sure can handle the hose!

Eric and the imfamous Large Camera.

This is the kind of scene that happens in our kitchen all the time. I'm just not exactly sure what it is...

Jeannie and the Future North-American Wanderer, Katie, who will be leaving Baltimore in a few weeks, and sorely missed.

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