Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"After all, I've tried for 3 years; feels like 90..."

Yesterday was me and the J-Dog's 3 year schmanniversary. We're pretty low-key anniversary-celebrators (last year the big thing we did was go to a Greek Restaurant, whoa!) but this year The Jeanners was nice enough to use a gift certificate for a massage that I had given her a long time ago, and she set up appointments for us both to get a massage. She shared her massage with me. So we went and got all oily and rubbed down. And went to Golden West for dinner, where my dinner seemed smaller than it did when we went there last and I ordered the same thing...

Anyway, seriously, I think that this marriage probably only has about 6 good months left.

I have been totally geeking out listening to Too Much Joy. I ordered 2 more cheap TMJ cd's off Amazon. One arrived yesterday, so I can now begin rocking out to the Cereal Killers album as well as Mutiny. Hopefully, Son of Sam I Am will be arriving today.

Not too much else going on. Work is starting to get a wee smidgen busier, but not really. Yet.

Also, I have agreed to stop downloading things that are not legal to download. As long as my wife doesn't get annoyed when I buy lots of Too Much Joy cd's.

Also, I just finished reading "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe," and yes, it did make me feel a bit womanly while reading it, but it was a good story, goddammit.


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I meant "female-bodied personly."