Friday, July 06, 2007

OAA's Music For Henry's America!

I have been wanting for a little while to find a music player for this blog that doesn't play automatically so I could link to some good songs (I hate sites that automatically play music). I think I have finally found said player, so feel free to listen to some tunes while surfing the Net. It seems, however, that few people usually like what I recommend, so you will probably not like the songs I have chosen. I'll try to update them with some regularity.

Also, I have taken the liberty of doing some spring cleaning on the "links" portion of the blog. I have removed some inactive blogs and replaced them with OAA, who I know marginally (she's the sister of a friend, and I see her once a year on Christmas Eve at the Ritz in St. Louis) but who writes in a way that makes people who don't even know her want to read about her. She does write a lot about fashion, though, in which I don't have much interest but apparently it's her thing, so as E. Robben used to say, "Gouge away." Which means something like, "Have at it."

I went and saw HENRY V last night, and it was pretty good. The flow was interrupted quite a bit by rain, so there were lots of stops and starts, and the second act was done in a much smaller area under a tent (which actually worked quite nicely) but on the whole it was done well. Pat was really great. I think that his doing ANGELS last year has really pushed his acting to a new level. And again, there wasn't anybody in the show that was bad, which is definitely an improvement over past years.

The Jeanners and I celebrated a very low-key 4th of July. We both worked in the morning, and then headed out together to do a little bit of work in the garden, where she cut a little bit of cilantro for use in her celebratory veggie burgers later that night. We grilled a bunch of food out on the roof, and then Katie came over for dinner. We had planned on watching the downtown fireworks display from our roof, but a big rainstorm put the kaibosh on that.

The word that is in my head this morning for no apparent reason: espadrilles.

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