Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Glassacre

So much fun schtuff has been happening! Here's a recap:

A) The Beej was in town over the weekend to see the shows. It wasa quick trip and I was working part of the weekend, so I didn't get to see him a ton, but he and Pat and Theresa and I had a sleepover at MAW's empty house, where Beej and Pat and I played geek games until 4am. And I drank 2 Cokes and ate a bag of Doritos. I don't normally drink much caffeine, so by the time 4am rolled around I was pretty wired.

2) Sunday night the Beej and the Jeanners and the A-Train and I headed out for dinner, first to the nice sushi place that we've always talked about going to, but it was closed. So we settled on Rocky Run. A few new phrases have been added to the vernacular as a result of this dinner: borrowing spoons (means "on drugs." Example: "I hear Lindsay Lohan is borrowing spoons."), tide stick (means "a stick that is driven into the ground and then used to tie your arm to so that you eat differently and don't drip food on the same part of your arm each time."), glassacre (doesn't really mean anything but it's a funny word. The glass hooker incident referred to a few posts ago could be considered a 'glassacre.'), and carrying a Mary Poppins bag (which can have many uses, most of them sexual. Example: "When Pat puts on those tight pants, he's really carrying a Mary Poppins bag.").

C) Monday night there was a meeting at Ian's where the next 5 or 10 years of CSC was discussed. It was one of those, "let's have dinner and discuss the big picture" type of artistic meetings that I really really enjoy. It was a good group of people and a fun time. And hopefully some good came out of it.

D) I worked on music today for the first time in a long time and had a lot of fun doing it. Came up with a song that sounds a lot like 'The Same,' but is different enough that I enjoy it and will keep working on it.

Got a day off tomorrow and only a few chores to take care of. Hopefully it won't be 200 degrees in our apartment...

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