Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, the Jeanners and I finally made it down to the beach today, and what a beautiful day it was. Sunny, clear, and about 82 degrees. I got a little sunburned (suprise, surprise). It's nice to spend a whole day at the beach and only have it cost you a half a tank of gas and $2.50 for the Bay Bridge.

We also finally got a chance to see AS YOU LIKE IT on Saturday night. It was ok. Nothing embarassingly bad, but nothing amazingly good, either. I laughed at some parts and didn't laugh at others. P. Kilpatrick as Hymen the Love God, however, has created a stupid character to rival his stupid character in IMAGINARY INVALID, which I think is impressive.

The Beej comes into town soon to see the shows. 'Twill be good to see the boy. Hopefully we'll get a chance to play a round of spades or two.

The Jeanners and I were talking on our way to the beach about how Schlueter should start up a blog when they move to Oregon (or before). How it would be so good and how everyone would be able to read it and keep in touch with how things are going...

Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Things have felt pretty good lately.

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