Sunday, July 15, 2007

The End of an Era

Friday was Elizabeth's last day at the B&N, where she has worked since the store opened around 1997 or '98, back when most of us were still drunkenly stumbling around the Truman State area. I would be a blubbering wreck, but I know that she and I will keep in touch over cyberspace, a space that has served me well in keeping in touch with faraway friends. Tonight, she and all of her stuff will be caravaning across the country to her new abode in Chicago. So, anybody who's reading this who's still in Chicago, keep an eye out for Bewley for me.

Over the weekend, the Jeanners and I were house-and-dog-sitting for her boss' sister. It was relatively uneventful, just a chance to soak up someone else's AC and watch cable. I did get a chance to catch part of the 80's hockey movie classic, Youngblood, featuring Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, and Cynthia Gibb, who once ignited the fires in a pre-pubescent Dan O'Brien's loins.
But don't worry, Jeanners, the marriage is still safe...

Last night, me and J-Dog were in bed shooting the shit, and for some reason
we were talking about possible names for any future children that might
pop out. The newest name choice for any future male J-Dog and D-Bone
progeny: VaJulian Johnson O'Brien. Or, VaJJ O'Brien. For any future female progeny: Cockstrong O'Brien.

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