Saturday, March 17, 2007

"Save Your Anger for People."

These are some pictures that I'm stealing off of the Schluetermetz' computer. Pictures back from when they visited a few weeks ago.

Cool kids at the art museum.

Henry and the Jeanners and I make some breakfast.

A beautiful and complicated panoramic shot taken by Brad in which everyone looks bad.

I show off my bald head while the Jeanners and I cook some bacon n' schmeggs.

Ah, memories. Today's been a lazy day. The Jeanners headed to the airport early this morning, and I stayed in bed pretty late. Then got up just to lay around. At around 4, however, the menfolk decided to do some bowling, courtesy of a Bellefountaine coupon book that enabled us to bowl for free! Sweet stuff, indeed. Tonight, a spades tournament is planned that is looking like it's going to be downright bloody. I think that friendships could get shattered as a result of this spades game.

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