Friday, March 23, 2007

All Possibilities

We've been back in Baltimore for a few days after a good Ohio trip. For me, a very laid back, relaxing trip of eating a lot of turkey, mashers, and green bean casserole and getting a dangerous amount of painful, stinky gas. For the Jeanners, a more hectic, stressful trip of driving and flying and driving and being stressed. But all in all, a good trip.

Been working a lot to make up for the days that I was gone, and also to pre-make-up for the days that I'll be out when Sean is in town. Derrick (old boss) came in to work yesterday, and it was good to see him. He seems to be doing well, although he said he misses the Noble.

Getting all excited about Sean and Cole's visit, which will be in full effect in a week. We're going to be packing a lot into a few days, I'm afraid, but we should have a damn good time. Right now I'm trying to decide where we should go for dinner while they're here. I'm thinking we'll probably eat a few times at home, and go out a few times. Burgers in Towson? The ol' standby Rocky Run? Seafood? Chinese? Sushi? Vegetarian at One World? The possibilies abound. I think we'll definitely hit Pete's Grille for breakfast at least once, and have bacon and schmeggs at home, too.

Hmmm. That's it for now. Off to work this afternoon, taking care of laundry, recycling, and errands at the moment...

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