Friday, March 16, 2007

Greetings from Asbury Park, OH. Actually it's Bellefountaine.

Well, well. We are here in Ohio for the Fake Thanksgiving festivities. We got in last night at around 3am, after a relatively uneventful drive. Only bad part: we forgot the lasagna that Jeannie made. Left it in the freezer. Oh well, looks like the J-Dog and I will be having lasagna for dinner next week.

I've finished an 8-day stretch at work (which was pleasantly boring) and am now looking ahead to 4 days off. It was nice, though, having Elizabeth back in town to shoot the shit with and help the days go by a little faster.

The Jeanners is heading to Booneville via St. Louis tomorrow, she'll be back on Sunday morning. I will miss my baby.

Well, I've got a day full of relaxation, conversation, digestion, and game-playing to look forward to.

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