Sunday, March 11, 2007


It's been almost a week again. What the hell.

I've been spending my free time this past week recording versions of Seanyboy's songs, getting acquainted with songs I'm not as familiar with and getting reacquainted with songs I haven't played in awhile. He and Nicole are coming down from Alaska for a visit at the end of the month, and he and I are going to work on a CD of his songs that he can sell at gigs (like when he opens up for Colin Hay in May...) I am very pumped about this vist for several reasons. I haven't getten to see Seanyboy nearly enough in the last few years, and I have only gotten to hang out with Nicole on a few occasions. I think this will be a fun visit of talking, hanging out, seeing Baltimore, maybe heading to DC, and recording some songs. And good songs, at that. It's nice to work on recordings and not worrying about writing the material as the songs are being recorded.

The Jeanners and I are also getting ready for our upcoming 'Fake Thanksgiving' trip to Ohio next weekend. We always look forward to seeing the cool kids. And, of course, a nice long drive. We haven't gotten to take a nice long drive in awhile, and we've got some good tunes to listen to (John Denver, anyone?), so it should be a good time.

Elizabeth is kicking it Baltimore-style in the Bahamas right now. And, for those of you not in the know, Baltimore-style means pasty-white and rude. Ha! Can't wait for your return, E-beth...

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