Monday, March 05, 2007

The Band

I continue to listen to The Band with ferocity. On a side note, "Listen to the Band" is probably my favorite Monkees song, and the only Monkees song I know that's sung by Mike Nesmith. I wonder if it's about listening to The Band? One day when I am a rap producer I will sample the horns from that song.

Today at work this guy that always steals stuff came in, and so I spent awhile following him and making sure he knows that I know that he steals stuff. You know, I don't mind if somebody wants to steal stuff, but it sure pisses me off when they come up and are all chatty and then they go steal stuff. Don't talk to me and then steal my f@#$'ing CD's.

Last night the Jeanners made a delicious meat-free lasagna, then we watched Donnie Darko (I was underwhelmed. I had heard good things but I don't think it delivered the goods), then my girlfriend had a craving for some sugar so we walked down to Rocky Run for cheesecake and a beer. It was a nice little date, although we smelled like smoke afterwards. I remember when that was a good thing.

Had a production meeting about the summer shows tonight after work. Enjoyable, well-run meeting. It looks like my workload will be exactly whatever I want it to be, which is nice. Nothing official, which is nice.

Tomorrow: the banking day that we were supposed to have last Friday but postponed due to talking things out.

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