Monday, March 12, 2007

Mr. Jerk

Last night I had a dream that the thief who's been stealing stuff at the B&N lately came into the department and wanted to order a CD. "Oh boy," my dreamself thought to my dreamself, "Now I'll find out what his name is when he places his order." Unfortunately, he outsmarted me and gave me the obviously fake name, 'Mr. Jerk.' So now this new guy has his official Name in My Head. He will forevermore be known as Mr. Jerk.

When did I start going to the bathroom like an old man? When I was little I was always a little surprised by (and wary of) older men who made noise while peeing at a urinal in a public restroom, i.e. farting, loud sighs, etc. I now find myself doing both with increasing regularity. It's an alarming trend that I'm going to have to keep an eye on...

Lately I have found myself missing Nature. I have started feeling officially Urban. Maybe it's because I've been in contact with Sean more, so I've been thinking about Alaska and how different it must be there, how much they're totally surrounded by nature. And throughout my life until the time I left Missouri, I always had at least semi-regular contact with good ol' Mother Nature. But it's been awhile since I've been somewhere away from everyone else.

This is also all tied in with the fact that I've been feeling less Midwestern, too, but at the moment I'm not really missing feeling Midwestern. I am missing nature, though. Perhaps going to Ohio for a few days will help. For a good portion of the drive we'll be surrounded by a lot of dirt. (I mean outside of the car and not inside). Perhaps during some downtime in Ohio I shall have to take a drive out to one of the numerous surrounding rural areas and commune with the dirt for awhile.

I worked a long day at work today and thus I am sleepy. Jeannie's making some sort of crazy shit for dinner so we'll see how that goes. I love my girlfriend (and not just because she cooks good dinners).

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