Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Weekly Roundup

It has now been OVER one week since I posted. That hasn't happened in awhile...am I becoming less of an egomaniac? Don't bet on it...

Some quick sentences:

El Debarge is the person, Debarge is the group.

Last night I fell out of bed and stayed asleep (on the floor but with my foot caught in our jail-bar-esque footboard) for what Jeannie says was "10 minutes" while she asked me if I was ok. I was tired.

BJ is no longer in town. Both Jeannie and I expressed sorrow at his leaving. I will be honest, however, and say that I really enjoyed having nothing to do last night. But things are always much better with BJ around. Some expressions that have entered the lexicon during his visit: "_______________, you are so cute." , "Snapadoodle", "Mouse House." , "Suck Ma-duck," "Spuke (beef, chicken, or vegetable varieties)".

The last week or so has been a little too busy. Brad Maune visited (he's exactly the same as I remember him, in a good way), the show closed (after getting the worst review ever!), the Schluetermetz' visited (hot damn it's always good to see those folks, can't wait for fake Thanksgiving) and then, of course, work.

Been thinking a lot about Sean's songs and what to do with them when he comes in for his visit/recording session. Been having fun playing around a little bit with them.

Work tonight. More later.

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