Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back to Normal

Things are getting back to normal around here, at home and work.

We have been spending the last couple of days re-mouse-proofing our apartment, with mixed results. Although as of last night we haven't seen any mice or mice shit, so maybe they'll be gone again for awhile. There's so many damned gaps in this old house. Oh well.

I've been listening to bunches of Seanyboy's old songs, getting ready for his visit, trying to come up with ideas on what to do with each song. It's fun. And I'm reminded of how good a lot of his songs are. Hopefully we'll get a lot of good work done while he's here at the end of the month and still have time to see the sights and hang out with our ladyfriends.

Off work tomorrow. The Jeanners and I head to the bank to figure out some money shit and then we do laundry. Is there a better way to spend a day? Probably. But I'm looking forward to hanging with the J-dog.

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