Monday, January 01, 2007

A Lesson in True Love

The Jeanners showed me some true love this Christmas by getting me Neil Young's Harvest album. It was a selfless gesture because the Jeanners truly hates her some Neil Young. And ever since she got me the album I've been listening to it in the car and then I come home from work singing "Heart of Gold." So she's probably regretting getting me that CD. Or, she's regretting getting married to me.

I've been getting a ton of shit done at work, but it seems like there's a ton more to do before the department will be officially recovered from the hellish nightmare known to unbelievers as "The Holiday Season."

Last night the Jeanners and I rang in the new year by playing chess and watching my other Christmas gift, the new-ish Jeff Tweedy DVD, Sunken Treasure. The DVD is a series of solo acoustic shows that Tweedy played in the Northwest. I recommend it for any Wilco fans out there, especially Wilco fans who like to play acoustic guitar. Anyway, I was in bed by 11pm, and then mildly annoyed when I was awakened at midnight by the sound of fireworks. I think I shall officially mark this spot in my life as the moment I turned old. Huzzah!

p.s. I find it to be amusing that the word 'blog' is not in this blogger's spell-check. Also, whenever I write 'The Jeanners,' it suggests that I replace it with 'canners.'

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