Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Free at last, free at last...

Ah-Ha! I have just finished a 6 day stretch of work that felt like a six month stretch, and I have two luscious days off stretched out before me, and nothing to fill them with, which sounds absolutely glorious. I just decided to make myself a tasty spaghetti dinner.

The other night I looked at Jenna Fischer's Myspace page and it made me wish I was famous.

Also, we have learned that the Beej will be staying with us for at least part of the time that he is in town for the Front Page, which is very exciting. Very very exciting. I can't wait for him to arrive. Cards! Games! Half-priced burgers!

Plans for tomorrow:

1, Try and figure out a good way to block out some of the cold air that's coming in through the skylight in our bathroom.
2. Maybe shop for a little space heater?
3. Work on a little recording.
4. Call Melissa from work to tell her that her schedule has changed a little.

Today at work a co-worker named Andrew gave me a cd that his band has just recorded, and I listened to a little bit of it on the way home. The first couple of songs were pretty dismissable, but the one I was listening to as I pulled up to our building I liked a lot. I'm interested in listening to the rest of the cd to see which way it goes.

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Two Shews said...

Hey there Dan! I have really been enjoying reading your blog!