Saturday, December 30, 2006

After Christmas Sale!

The Jeanners and I arrived back in Baltimore Thursday night at around 1:30am, and I haven't had a chance to blog because A) I've been busy at work, and B) I'm sick.

I must've picked up something on the plane ride home, or from one of the numerous sick people we encountered in St. Louis, cause I've been feeling crappy and cold-like since Friday morning. Oh well. I don't get a chance to take a break until later this week.

So our trip was good. We got to see a lot people, including the Eric, the Drew, and the Karista. And we got to meet Eric's ladyfriend, who we had not met before. We also got to participate in many family events, and eat lots of holiday food.

Work looks like it could be a pain in the ass for a few days.

Here's some highlights from the visit to the Lou:

My niece and I take our skates off after ice skating.

Ricky checks his cell phone at the Ritz, X-mas Eve. Note the bling on his belt buckle.

Drew and Karista hit the mean streets of the Lou.

Perhaps the worst picture of Drew in existence? I stuck a camera in his face and the flash went off. Sorry, Drew.

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Chris B. said...

Hmm, skating with the fam at Forest Park, Eric's bling at the Ritz, and spooky pics on the street; boy, do I miss Christmas at home. My pics from Wi-chee-tah aren't legal to display. Cheers, and sorry we missed you guys.