Thursday, December 14, 2006


In Chuck Berry's, "Run, Run, Rudolph," Rudolph is described as 'whizzing across the sky,' which I think is a funny image. For me, it conjures urine more than something moving quickly.

That being said, the days are whizzing by.

Last night at work was kind of fun, because at the end of the night, Cindy and Marlene were out on the floor helping to straighten up, and we were all yelling to each other from different aisles, and joking and talking about going home and drinking and there was just a general sense of comraderie that sometimes exists at the B&N and sometimes does not. I like it when it does.

My parents are putting up their Christmas tree today, which historically was the only time that we children ever heard my father cuss. Well, it was the only time when we could expect to hear my father cuss. There were , of course, odd hammer-to-thumb moments when he would let a throught-the-teeth goddamnit slip out, but putting up the tree day was always good for some verbal fireworks.

Bacon is frying in the pan.

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