Monday, November 27, 2006

Questions and Comments are welcome...

Well, thanks to A-Train, I came to discover that I had inadvertantly and unknowingly enabled "comment moderation" on this here blog, which means that the blog wasn't publishing anyone's comments until I approved them, but I didn't know I had to approve them. So I had a big long list of everyone's comments waiting for me to approve. So I have approved them all, and I turned off comment moderation, so feel free to leave your comments and tell me what you think of my life.

So I will now address some of the things that came up in the comments:

1. Sean, you don't get a prize because you are in the picture. Of course you know who took it.

2. No, Becky, I have never cut my fingernails with a knife. It's never gotten that bad.

3. Tim Bantle! Howdy!

And now, on to the things that have been going on...

Last night, A-train Aimee came over and we had some Thanksgiving leftovers and then sat around and shot the proverbial shit. It was a good time, and somewhere in the middle of the conversation I decided that I could go for a nice big G&T, and then another, and another, and by the time Aimee left I was a bit drunk. I always feel a bit strange when I'm the only one who's drinking. Usually because then I'm the only one who's drunk. But I guess it doesn't make me feel too strange, especially when I'm with folks as close as the Jeanners and the Aimers. After Aimee left, the Jeanners and I went out for a walk, and it was a nice quiet night.

Yesterday during the day, the Jeanners and I got some good work done (maybe plugged our mouse hole [if ya know what I mean...] and fixed our annoying squeaky bed) and I also worked a long time on some recording that ended up being not very good. But it was fun to work on it. Maybe I'll stick it up on the Myspace site...

Work has been pretty good. Still owe many phone calls to people.

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