Thursday, November 30, 2006

Addiction to CD's Nuts.

Are you like me? Has it been bothering you for the last few days that when I wrote "inadvertantly and unknowingly" in the last post that I might have been redundant? It's been bugging me, but I've been too lazy to actually dig out a dictionary and check. If it's been bugging you, I'm sorry...

I have been buying cd's like a mofo this week. SInce I last wrote, I purchased a Duke Ellington CD for an absolutely awesome version of 'Auld Lang Syne' that it contains. Then, yesterday at work I saw that Mark Kozelek (from Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon) has a new live CD. So I had to buy that, too. I know, I know, I should be saving money for when Chipotle opens up down the street. Which should be soon, it looks like. Holy Jeez, what am I going to do?

Today I'm off work and I'm going to do some laundry and take our recycling to the dump.

If you were sitting next to me right now, you'd probably say, "Jeez, Dan, you stink." Because I haven't taken a shower yet today and I smell pretty bad.

Here's what it looked like out of our kitchen window when I got home from work last night:

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