Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rah, Rah. Sis-Boom-Bah.

Why has writing in the blog seemed not as interesting as it used to? Is this a phase? Will this pass or will the blog slowly die? My guess is this will pass.

At work we are entering the holiday mode, which I don't think will be too bad this year. I wrote a note today to everybody in the department, laying out some helpful hints about how to deal with some of the shit that will undoubtedly come up when the store is full of people, and also just kind of a cheerleading note to say that it could actually be a decent time this year if we all help each other out, because we've got a good crew of fun people. So work was fine, uneventful, and I'm off tomorrow which should be nice. The plan is to hang out with A-Train, who we haven't seen in about a million and a half years, and with whom I will now be able to swap B&N war stories.

I said that work today was uneventful, but I forgot to mention that today I heard that they caught two people having sex in the womens' restroom yesterday at the B&N. Which is fine with me, but I'll bet the two people weren't married, which I think is immoral. I'll bet that people never have sex in the mens' bathroom at the B&N because I keep it smelling like feces so much.

Tom Waits has a new 3-disc set! Zowie!

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