Sunday, September 03, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Tonight Jeannie and I walked down to the Charles Theater and saw LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. It was ok. I did get to watch a little kid walk around in shorts and cowboy boots, which is always pretty awesome.

Today I worked on writing reviews for folks at work, which was not fun and required lots of procrastination breaks (phonecall to parents, haircut and beard trim, etc.) but is now, for the most part, finished, for better or worse.

I also read through the latest ROLLING STONE that featured an interview with Bob Dylan, and I swear, every time I read an interview with him, it feels like he kind of talks in code or something that I don't understand at all. I like the guy, I respect and enjoy his work, I think he's one of the greatest, but I sure wouldn't want to hang out with him for longer than a few minutes. At least that's the impression that I always get. Anyway, we've been listening to his cd at work, and although it's not the greatest atmosphere in which to listen to a cd, my initial report is that the cd sounds a little tame, maybe a little boring, but good. Haven't had a chance to really hear any of the lyrics yet, which I suppose are what put the asses in the seats anyway.

Jeannie has a paint can full of plant food scraps out on our back roof, that she takes over to her friend Katie's compost pile every now and again, and over the last few days of rain it filled up with water and then the lid fell off of it. So this evening Jeannie went out and dumped out the rotted-food-scrappy water onto the roof and I swear it smells like a professional basketball team all went out and had industrial-strength diarrhea just outside our kitchen window.

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