Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Jeannie woke me up this morning, worried that she parked the car on the wrong side of the street last night and that it had been towed this morning. Turns, out she just forgot where she parked, which is nice because it costs like $200 to get your car bach when they tow it.

My back has been bothering me the last few days, after improperly moving some boxes around at work last Thursday.

The other night we headed over to Katie's house for the first meeting of the Dinner Club, a rotating party where, like once a month, we'll have dinner over at somebody's house. I volunteered to host hotdog night.

Also, we found out that our friend Gena will be coming out for a visit in 1.5 weeks, which is nice because we've wanted to have visitors lately. We're also looking forward to our upcoming trip to Ohio later in September, where we'll get to hang out with the cool kids and see a production of Schlueter's play. Pretty exciting stuff, indeed.

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