Monday, March 06, 2006

I might just be entirely naked right now.

It's always a possibility.

Taking a day off from the gym did me good, my knees are feeling much better. So I went back to the gym tonight after work and ran 3 miles on the elliptical machine, which is much nicer on the knees. I did, however, manage to sweat my ballsac clean off.

Fun fact from B&N: I found out today that while I was out of town, somebody brought a bag of (apparently human) poop into the store and then on the sly emptied the poop onto the floor. Apparently this person likes to then hide and watch as people encounter the poop. All the fun stuff happens when I'm not around! I'd better check my bags of poop and make sure they're all still here...

Just in case you haven't noticed, take a minute to check out my coworker Patrick's BLOG. It's full of interesting tidbits from the wonderful worldwide web of ours. Also, if you're extremely bored, you can look at my new, entirely pointless MySpace site.

Some notes about my new, entirely pointless MySpace site:
Yes, I took the picture of me myself. Yes, it paints me as much more artfully dramatic than I really am. Yes, I do think that sort of thing is lame when other people do it. Yes, Jen Schlueter, I am embarassed by this. But obviously not too much. The picture of the Jeanners was taken by Eric Elz a few years ago, though. I love that picture.

Jeannie started her new job today. Apparently she likes it. She's in the other room doing homework, but dammit, SHE'S GETTING PAID. At what point can I officially start calling her my sugar momma?

Note to Rich R.: in 2 months you're not even gonna remember that damned job. Hang in there.

Melody and lyrics are percolating in my head for an old instrumental that's been laying around. I just need a day off of work with no other plans so I can try some recording. Probably won't happen this week, though.

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